The little keyboard for big fingers.

Thanks to revolutionary auto-correct, the Minuum keyboard lets you worry less about typing - on any size of device.

Minuum for iPhone

Minuum is finally here on the App Store!

The best keyboard for smart watches

Smart Watches

Interested in putting Minuum on your smart watch? Sign up here for installation instructions on Android and Android Wear devices. If you're a developer looking for Minuum on your watch or other smart/wearable device, contact us at developers@minuum.com.

Prototyping platform

The Minuum SDK is also the perfect tool for prototyping and validating new ways of typing on your products. If you're designing something new, you can use our SDK to find the best way of using Minuum on your device.

Minuum SDK: Type anywhere

Minuum is designed to work on just one dimension, which means typing no longer needs any surface at all. The future of wearable typing begins now.

The Minuum SDK lets you rapidly prototype new ways of typing with wearables and other smart devices. Grab an arduino and some sensors and you can be typing in just a few minutes.


The input blog

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