Minuum 2.12

Planning the future of Minuum

Today we’re rolling out Minuum 2.12. In this release you’ll see the following changes:

Suppressed feedback when resizing keyboard – Some people had mentioned that switching from full to mini mode would accidentally cause letters to be input mid-gesture. This modification should fix this issue.

Done button for languages – We have improved the process of setting up languages by adding a done button to the process.

Deleting no longer autocorrects old words – Now when you delete characters at the end of a previously typed word, it doesn’t get corrected as you type.

Bug fix: remove from dictionary pop-up – We fixed a bug which caused users to unexpectedly get a pop-up asking to remove a word from the dictionary.

Space bar update – We have improved the reliability of the space bar.

To manually download Minuum 2.12, click here for the free version and here for the paid version.

That’s all for this update. As always, let us know what you think and email support@minuum.com if you are having any issues. Help us spread the word via TwitterGoogle+ and Facebook!