Minuum 2.14: Better corrections, 5 new languages, quick loading

IMG_4379Minuum 2.14 was rolled out over the weekend and it includes some major improvements to the Minuum engine. We’re also releasing 5 new languages and making quick language switching is now available on all devices.

Improved autocorrect

This new release of Minuum brings major improvements to our autocorrect in the full keyboard. We’ve completely revamped how we query our suggestions so they are more closely tailored to what you type on the full keyboard.

5 new languages

We’re excited to release beta version of 5 new languages for the Minuum keyboard:

  • Swedish
  • Czech
  • Polish
  • Portugese (Portugal)
  • Turkish

Quick language switching

Fast language switching is now available for on Minuum all devices. After the first boot, Minuum caches all the language data so it can reboot nearly instantaneously the next time. This means that when you long press on the spacebar to switch language Minuum will switch languages immediately. You also enable the language switching gesture under “Minuum Settings->Look & feel->Language switching shortcut”.

Because fast language switching is now available on all devices, we’ve remove the “turbo mode” switch in the experimental settings. As a result Minuum now uses much less RAM for multilingual users.

Bug fixes

  • Emoji category icons have been restored
  • The color of the emoji font has been adjusted to be visible in all themes for users who aren’t using the Minuum custom emoji option
  • Delete button can no longer become stuck and unusable
  • We’ve improved keyboard rendering on smaller devices and fixed rendering issues with the magnified views for cyrillic layouts