Minuum 2.15: New tutorial, emoji and bug fixes

lang-emojiWith the latest version of Minuum we’re striving making emoji faster and easier to access. In addition we’ve got a number of important bug fixes and behind the scenes performance improvements.


We’ve snuck some tweaks and polish into the tutorial in this release. In particular, the tutorial now knows your chosen system language. Also, you’ll notice we’ve added some fun new animations!



As of this version of Minuum, the bonus panel shortcut (the ★ character) has been replaced with an emoji shortcut (the ☺). This is a first step towards making emoji more easy and fun to use. You can still manage and enable your bonus panels under Minuum Settings -> Experimental & Advanced -> Show bonus panels/Choose enabled bonus panels.

Other improvements and bug fixes

  1. The Language & layout manager has been redesigned and reorganized in this release
  2. The “ö” character is now correctly placed in the Swedish keyboard layout
  3. Turning off animations under Minuum Settings -> Experimental & Advanced -> Enable Animation now also hides gesture feedback (also known as action bubbles.) This means you won’t see any animation or feedback when you perform the gestures for space, enter, delete and voice/language.
  4. Fixed a serious issue in web text fields where deleting a character inserted a new copy of the word.
  5. We’ve further reduced the memory usage of our engine.

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