Minuum 2.5: Blue theme and power features

Minuum version 2.5 is available today and we’ve added a new blue theme, plus a few power features and bug fixes. The new theme is available under "Minuum Settings" -> "Look & Feel" -> "Select Theme". You’ll also notice that we’ve fixed the colouring of emoji and other small details in the light and dark themes.

Minuum Blue.png

Gesture Sensitivity

We’ve spent a long time crunching the data in order to made another adjustment to gesture sensitivity. Hopefully we’ve been able to find a good balance so gestures work across all devices. If you’re having trouble with gestures you can try adjusting the sensitivity yourself under "Minuum Settings" -> "Experimental & advanced" -> "Gesture sensitivity". Gestures not triggering easily enough? Try increasing the sensitivity to 100. Keep in mind that this is a fine adjustment, and may have more effect on some devices than others.

Enter to Send

We’re introducing an advanced option to let you control the "enter to send" behaviour. When you select this option, pressing enter (or swiping up and to the right) in messaging apps like SMS, hangouts and WhatsApp will always send the current message instead of inserting a new line. You can enable this option under "Minuum Settings" -> "Experimental & advanced" -> "Enter to send"

Bugs and Fixes

  • Emoji are now visible in light and dark themes
  • ß character can now be typed by long pressing on "s" even when the shift button is pressed
  • Indiegogo backers now get a special badge!
  • Workaround for crashing LG G2 devices. Custom sounds are disabled on these devices.

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