Minuum 2.6: Custom themes, Russian and a new gesture

Today we’re releasing Minuum 2.6 with three major new improvements: we’ve added custom themes, so you can make Minuum look and feel right for your phone, we’ve made available a Russian language pack, and we’ve designed a new gesture for switching between the full and the mini keyboard.

Custom themes

In Minuum 2.6 you can now design your own colour scheme by selecting "Custom theme" under "Minuum settings"->"Look & feel"->"Select theme".

Try out this theme on your phone http://minuum.com/theme/true/e6cb67/3d7499

You can send themes to your friends via tweets, SMS or email by clicking the share button in the colour picker. This sends a special Minuum theme URL like this one http://minuum.com/theme/true/7ae667/000000. Open the link on your phone and Minuum’s theme will automatically change.

Custom themes are only available if you unlock the free trial version or buy the full version from Google Play.


We’re also excited to announce the release of a Russian language pack. You can download the new language pack by going to "Minuum Settings"->"Language & layout"->"Select language and layout". One extra feature of our Russian language pack is the ability to type in "transliteration mode". This means you can type on the qwerty keyboard and Minuum will disambiguate in Cyrillic. For example, if you type "privet", Minuum will suggest "привет".


One layout per language

You’ll also notice that you can now choose a different keyboard layout for each language. The "Select language and layout" menu now has a keyboard layout setting for each language. This means you can use azerty in French, Cyrillic in Russian and qwerty in English.


New full/mini gesture

We’re introducing a great new gesture for switching between the full keyboard and the mini keyboard. You can now simply drag up or down on the suggestions bar to switch modes. This new gestures makes it much easier to quickly switch to the full keyboard to teach Minuum a new word or type a password.


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