Minuum 2.8: lag fixes, an improved emoji panel, and Dutch support

With version 2.8 we’re introducing a redesigned emoji panel with an embedded font. Some improvements have also been made for switching between two languages. We’ve also made available a Dutch language pack for download. Lastly, we’ve resolved the persistent lag issue that many users were experiencing.

Dutch support

We are excited to announce that a Dutch language pack is now available. Hoera! You can download it in “Language & layout”->”Select language and layout”->”Nederlands”.

Lag fix

We’re very happy to say that this release finally resolves a serious ongoing lag issue many of our users were experiencing. You should no longer experience noticeable lag when Minuum is enabled as your primary keyboard for long periods of time. If you’re still experiencing issues, please get in touch with us at support@minuum.com.

Redesigned emoji panel

This release includes a new emoji panel with tabs for the standard emoji categories. Open the expanded emoji bonus panel — select the “★” on the far right of the keyboard and then press the up arrow on the bonus panel — and then click or swipe between tabs to browse the emojis.


Bundled emoji font

This release also bundles two emoji fonts with Minuum. This means that all Minuum users should be able to see emojis in the Minuum keyboard. For devices which support loading colour fonts we’ve included the stock KitKat colour emoji font “Noto Colour”, all other devices will default to “Symbola,” a regular monochrome font. If you prefer to use the default system font for emoji, you can disable “Experimental & advanced”->”Custom emoji”.

Language switching improvement

When only two languages are installed, Minuum will now skip the language selection dialog. If you long press the space bar or perform the language switching gestures (“Language & layout”->”Language switching shortcut”) Minuum will immediately toggle languages.

You’ll also see a new language indicator when the spacebar is disabled so you can check what language you’re in at a glance.

Advanced preference: disable animations

This update includes an advanced option to disable superfluous animations under “Experimental & advanced”->”Enable animations”. We try to make our animations quick and design them to make Minuum more intuitive, so we recommend you leave them enabled, but we’ve made this option available for older devices.