Whirlscape Inc.

Our Motivations

Simply put, we’re working to make input frictionless. Billions of people rely on mobile technology to communicate, and we’re doing whatever we can to make that a more enjoyable experience. Whatever the future of mobile technology has in store, we’re ready for it.

Whirlscape is the team behind the Minuum keyboard. Our approach is a tight integration of advanced user experience design with complex natural language processing algorithms, to make input smarter, and your life easier. Looking to join our team? We’re hiring!

Key People

Will Walmsley

Co-Founder (CEO)

Xavier Snelgrove

Co-Founder (CTO)

Severin Smith

Co-Founder (CPO)

Prem Kalevar

Business Development

Ira Kantsurova


Stewart Jackson


Iskander Ben Amor

Community Manager

Colin Rothfels


Maria Lioutaia


Ewan Sinclair


Khai Truong

Scientific Advisor

Mark Thompson

Marketing Advisor

We’re Hiring!

Whirlscape is always looking for great people to join the team and improve the way the world uses mobile technology. Visit our careers page to see currently open positions.

Startup support

Minuum is backed by Y Combinator and BDC Capital. We’ve received support for the Minuum project from the UTEST program, the VentureStart program, and OCE, as well as overwhelming support from our international community of nearly 10,000 supporters, who supported us via Indiegogo.