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Minuum 2.8: lag fixes, an improved emoji panel, and Dutch support

With version 2.8 we’re introducing a redesigned emoji panel with an embedded font. Some improvements have also been made for switching between two languages. We’ve also made available a Dutch language pack for download. Lastly, we’ve resolved the persistent lag issue that many users were experiencing.

Dutch support

We are excited to announce that a Dutch language pack is now available. Hoera! You can download it in “Language & layout”->”Select language and layout”->”Nederlands”.

Lag fix

We’re very happy to say that this release finally resolves a serious ongoing lag issue many of our users were experiencing. You should no longer experience noticeable lag when Minuum is enabled as your primary keyboard for long periods of time. If you’re still experiencing issues, please get in touch with us at

Redesigned emoji panel

This release includes a new emoji panel with tabs for the standard emoji categories. Open the expanded emoji bonus panel — select the “★” on the far right of the keyboard and then press the up arrow on the bonus panel — and then click or swipe between tabs to browse the emojis.


Bundled emoji font

This release also bundles two emoji fonts with Minuum. This means that all Minuum users should be able to see emojis in the Minuum keyboard. For devices which support loading colour fonts we’ve included the stock KitKat colour emoji font “Noto Colour”, all other devices will default to “Symbola,” a regular monochrome font. If you prefer to use the default system font for emoji, you can disable “Experimental & advanced”->”Custom emoji”.

Language switching improvement

When only two languages are installed, Minuum will now skip the language selection dialog. If you long press the space bar or perform the language switching gestures (“Language & layout”->”Language switching shortcut”) Minuum will immediately toggle languages.

You’ll also see a new language indicator when the spacebar is disabled so you can check what language you’re in at a glance.

Advanced preference: disable animations

This update includes an advanced option to disable superfluous animations under “Experimental & advanced”->”Enable animations”. We try to make our animations quick and design them to make Minuum more intuitive, so we recommend you leave them enabled, but we’ve made this option available for older devices.

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Minuum 2.3.1: Assorted Improvements

We’ve addressed a number of user problems that have been reported recently.

Minuum 2.3.1 includes bug fixes to in-app billing and better compatibility with JuiceSSH and bVNC apps (compatibility with Terminal/SSH-type apps will be further improved in the near future).

There are also improvements in typing functionality. Now, quotation marks (“”) auto-space correctly, disabling auto-correct disables auto-spacing, and the shift button can be used to transform uppercase words to title case. As well, we’ve ensured that the “Enter to Send” settings in WeChat work as expected.

Have a suggestion or feature request? Talk to us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Minuum forums.

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Minuum 2.3: Custom Sounds, Numpad, Dvorak, and Colemak

You can now customize your tapping sounds! In the spirit of making typing more fun, we’ve added three new sound options. Go to Minuum Settings→Sounds & vibration and play with the Sound set, Volume, and Pitch variation settings. The volume is limited by your system “Ringtone & notification” volume. What other sounds should we add?

And here’s something a good -number- of you have asked for—a numpad in full keyboard mode. Of course, there’s still a row of numbers available in compact mode, if that’s your preferred configuration.

Numpad 01

Also, we’ve reluctantly added the Dvorak and Colemak layouts (Minuum Settings→Language & layout→Select Minuum layout). Reluctantly, because Dvorak and Colemak are not designed for touchscreen keyboards like Minuum and actually perform worse. But the users who are already accustomed to these character layouts on other devices are important to us.

Minuum 2.3 incorporates a range of miscellaneous bug fixes, including a solution for memory issues with billing manager. Give us your feedback on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Minuum forums.

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Minuum 2.2: How Fast Are You?

Here comes our most dynamic experimental feature yet: a new bonus panel that calculates your typing speed in real time!


When people first discover Minuum, they often say, “That looks amazing, but how quickly can I type?” Just as some people are faster-than-average typers on a traditional keyboard, some Minuum users are extra speedy because they type regularly and type a lot.

But even if you’re not the fastest typer out there, you’ll be surprised by your improvement over time—and now there’s a way to gauge that. To find out how fast you are, update to Minuum 2.2, then go to Minuum Settings→Experimental & advanced→Choose enabled bonus panels→Typing Speed. Make sure you have Bonus Panels enabled.

In this update, we’ve also made some general bug fixes and further refined the shift key’s retroactive function. You can go back to any word and tap shift to capitalize the first letter of that word, tap again to capitalize all the letters, once more for all lowercase, and a fourth time to return to original form (e.g., “woRd”). Then select the case you want in the suggestions bar.

Love the new bonus panel? Have a suggestion? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Minuum forums.

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Minuum 2.1: Look it Up, Share, Customize

One week after leaving beta, we’re pushing ahead with our fourth bonus panel, more customization, crash fixes, and some key user-requested additions.

The new Search & Share panel integrates a thesaurus, dictionary, Google search, and share button, so you can look things up and cross-post directly from the keyboard. We’ve also updated the Clipboard Tools panel with a button to cut selected text. Select any subset of available panels in Minuum Settings→Choose enabled bonus panels.

You can now keep the keyboard in full or compact mode by default (Minuum Settings→Experimental & advanced→Auto full/mini OFF) and the auto-correct toggle will stick to how you’ve set it. Full keyboard height has become adjustable and the enter key’s action more consistently app-specific (send vs. new line).

Additionally, version 2.1 brings custom currency symbols (US, UK, Euro options in Minuum Settings→Language & layout→Select punctuation layout) and the “ñ” key for Spanish-language users.

We’ve had many requests for these particular changes and would love to find out how well they’re working for you so far. Be sure to get in touch on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Minuum Support!

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Minuum 2.0: Out of Beta, Now Available with Free Trial


The Minuum keyboard for Android is officially out of beta! Try it here:

Android app on Google Play

For the last three months, we’ve worked our hardest to rapidly incorporate user feedback, releasing major updates every week. Along the way, we added greater stability, a fresh new look, emoji, exclusive experimental features, and countless improvements in functionality.

With tremendous support from our community, we’re finally ready to launch Minuum 2.0, available as a free 30-day trial on Google Play. We’ve also made a special effort to include Brazilian Portuguese (*), currently our most-requested language.

We’re grateful for your enduring support, amazing input, and thoughtful conversation on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Minuum forums. We hope you’ll enjoy using version 2.0 as much as we enjoyed building it.

* Some of the data for this language release was provided by Aline Villavicencio and Rodrigo Boos at the Institute of Informatics, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, as part of the Pronem FAPERGS 11/2022-3 and Capes-Cofecub 707/11 projects. Refer to: Rodrigo Boos, Kassius Prestes, and Aline Villavicencio (2014) Identification of Multiword Expressions in the brWaC, to appear in Proceedings of the 9th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC 2014), Reykjavik, Iceland.

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Minuum 1.2.8: Tools Panel and Quicker Language Switching

In the latest Minuum update, we’ve added a tools bonus panel, allowing you to select all, copy, paste, and share the text you type. Want to cross-post your tweet on Facebook? Just press the share button at the bottom right:

Tools Panel 01

Multilingual users have especially requested faster language switching. If you’ve downloaded any additional language modules, you now can long-press on the space bar to switch installed languages. If you have the space bar disabled, you can switch installed languages using the up-and-to-the-left swipe gesture (after first enabling Fast language switching in the settings).

For fastest language switching, you can make the behind-the-scenes language switching process more immediate: just flip the turbo switch: Minuum Settings→Experimental & Advanced→Turbo switch ON. This experimental option requires more phone memory, but will speed up your multilingual typing experience on nearly all modern Android devices. Let us know your thoughts on this experimental feature and Minuum 1.2.8 as a whole on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Minuum Support.

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Minuum 1.2.7: Easy Access to Bonus Panels and Manual Accents

You gave us some great feedback after trying out Minuum’s experimental bonus panels, currently including options for emoji and cursor control. Notably, many of you requested a quick way to show/hide emoji, while others wanted access to more than one panel.

And so, to reduce clutter, we’ve added the option of opening and hiding the bonus panel by selecting the star icon (★), found on the comma button (if you have the space bar enabled) or above the letter “p” on the keyboard itself. As well, you can now swipe left/right across the panel to switch to the next bonus feature.

We’ve also heard from users who type in languages with accented letters, asking for better access to these special characters. In previous versions, single accented characters were only accessible in full keyboard mode. This update gives you manual accents in compact mode. For example, you can press on the letter “s” and slide up for “ß”, or press “n” to find “ñ”. Remember, accents are added automatically when typing a complete word.

Our efforts are always guided by your input, so be sure to reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Minuum Support.

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Minuum 1.2.6: Improved Shift Button, Disambiguation, and Tutorial

This latest update includes some handy improvements, including the ability to retro-capitalize words, enter words containing numbers more easily, and quickly auto-format North American and French telephone numbers. We’re also introducing a brand new interactive tutorial to help our users get the best experience with Minuum.

Shift button

After typing some text, you can go back to any word and tap the shift button to capitalize the first letter of that word, tap again to capitalize all the letters, and tap a third time to bring it back to lowercase. Then select the capitalization you want in the suggestions bar.

Words with numbers

We’ve improved our disambiguation, especially for words that include numbers, such as 49ers, 1st, 22nd, 17th, etc. Simply type the number and select the desired suffix in the suggestions bar.

Telephone numbers

The suggestions bar now also allows you to auto-format phone numbers, turning something like 14083203232 into 1 (408) 320-3232.


The new interactive tutorial shows you how to use gestures to space, delete whole words, and switch between Minuum’s full and compact modes.

Send us your comments on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Minuum Support!

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