Smart spacing, multilingual typing, bug fixes and more!

The response to Minuum 3.0 for Android has been fantastic, but this is just the beginning. Today, we’re releasing our first Android update of 2015! It includes smarter autocorrect, more control over multilingual typing and updated themes.


As you can see from the screenshot above, we now have a feature called smart spacing. This means that next time you’re typing and you miss the space bar, our autocorrect will figure out that you’re trying to say two words instead of one. In the example above you’ll see that ptetyyfreat gets corrected to pretty great. This update also makes multilingual typing even easier. In Minuum Settings you will find a new option called Multi-lang layout. Now, you can choose whichever keyboard layout makes sense for the languages you speak. Lastly, we have restored the flat black and flat white themes at the request of multiple users. To learn about all the changes in this update click the button below to check us out on the Play Store.

As always, let us know what you think via the social media links below, and email if you have any issues. Tell your friends to help us spread the word!

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One-handed mode, keyboard shortcuts, and better autocorrect!


With a new year comes a new version of Minuum for iPhone. Update today to get even better autocorrect in English, one-handed mode for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, more customization options, lowercase mode, bug fixes and more!

English speakers will see a big improvement to our autocorrect. We’ve upgraded our algorithm and added a bunch of new word combinations to increase the quality of Minuum’s predictions. This update also adds the ability to switch languages faster by long pressing the globe button, and at the request of some users we’ve made the emoji button optional. Minuum now also understands names that are in your contact list!

If you have an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, you’re going to love these new features made for your large screen. Minuum now has a new super mini design for landscape typing, which is both more functional and more ergonomic. It works great in both full and mini mode so you can always maximize how much of your screen you can see while you type.

Those aren’t the only features we’ve included for iPhone 6 Plus users, either. As you can see in the image above, we’ve also added one handed mode! This feature will hopefully save the day next time you’re trying to multitask on your phone and in real life. No need to worry, lefties! It works for either hand. We’ve designed the layout to be the width of the iPhone 5 screen, so you’ll have no problem making the transition.

For a full list of what’s changed in this update, please click here check out the what’s new section on our App Store listing. As always let us know what you think via the social media links below, and email if you have any issues. Tell your friends to help us spread the word! Want to stay on top of Minuum news? Click here to join our iOS mailing list and here if you’re an Android user.

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Material Design. Multilingual support. Minuum 3.0 for Android is here!


The wait is over! Minuum 3.0 for Android is the big update we’ve been working on for the past few months, with major improvements to our autocorrect and a hotly requested multilingual typing mode. Our update has tons of new themes to celebrate full Android Lollipop support. New material design themes, textured themes, Christmas themes, and special adaptive Lollipop themes that change colour depending on the app that you’re in! We’re also throwing in an update to Minuum for Android Wear later today, so make sure you’re signed up for our smart watch mailing list.

Note that multilingual support is now available as an experimental setting; for many combinations of English with single other languages we’ve had delightful results, but note that it won’t necessarily work perfectly with all combinations of languages.

Our new keyboard themes are just the beginning, with plenty more themes to come! This release showcases a mixture of Material Design themes, as well as designs borrowed from our iOS version of Minuum. The new adaptive themes include a chameleon mode (thanks Patrick for the suggestion), which changes colour to match the app that you’re typing in, and a day/night theme which changes colour over the course of the day. Let us know if you have other themes you want to see.

We’re in the middle of some deep improvements with our algorithms, and the first stage of this work is released with 3.0. This update drastically improves corrections for English typing, including better vocabulary for first-time users who haven’t yet had a chance for Minuum to learn from their personal typing style. Stay tuned for even more deep autocorrect improvements!

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Minuum gets Emoji and more themes! ☺

Download or update Minuum for iOS today to get emoji, new color themes and did we mention EMOJI?! That’s right, you can now tap the smiley face beside the spacebar to access emoji without leaving Minuum. The new emoji panel is bigger than the one you’re used to, so you can see more and find what you’re looking for faster. On top of that, our set of 9 new themes are now higher contrast for easier to see letters and include “business” colors as requested by users @HAL9000r and @StaagG!

This new version also contains various bug fixes and improved autocorrect. We’re always adding new features and improvements to Minuum, so stay tuned for more themes and other fun surprises in the future.

Minuum learns from every word that you type, and now when you accidentally type the wrong word, Minuum automatically unlearns it if you delete that word before you send your message. This update adds a fix for double spacing after tapping a word, so now you can double-tap on the space bar (or double swipe-right) to get ,.!?:;#@…

We’ve also tweaked how things like punctuation and long press gestures work. To see all the improvements we’ve made, click the image above or below to see “What’s New” on our App Store page.

As always, let us know what you think via the social media links below, and email if you have any issues. Tell your friends to help us spread the word!


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Minuum Gives You Full Control of Your Privacy

blog_privacy_wideThe new version of Minuum for iOS gives you more control over your privacy, and how your data is handled.

The problem with Apple’s privacy settings is that they only include one switch for everything: “Full Access” is either on or off, with no in-between. But Full Access is required for simple things like:

– changing settings
– downloading languages
– choosing themes
– enabling keyboard sounds

Clearly, you need more control than this – you need to know that by enabling Full Access for languages and themes, you aren’t also permitting us to collect sensitive information.

We want you to understand that Full Access does not make Minuum collect any typing data. Our new dedicated Privacy Control panel gives you full control over whether you want to share your data, regardless of your Full Access settings.

Just tap on “Privacy Control” in the Minuum app, to find two new options: Share anonymous usage data and Share anonymous typing data. You are welcome to keep these both turned off completely, in which case we will never collect any information about you, your typing, or your usage of Minuum.

We’ve also squashed a few bugs and added in a few user-requested visual modifications with this update. See the app for details!

As always, let us know what you think via the social media links below, and email if you have any issues. Tell your friends to help us spread the word! Want to stay on top of Minuum news? Click here to join our iOS mailing list and here if you want to keep up with our Android efforts.

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Minuum 2.15: New tutorial, emoji and bug fixes

lang-emojiWith the latest version of Minuum we’re striving making emoji faster and easier to access. In addition we’ve got a number of important bug fixes and behind the scenes performance improvements.


We’ve snuck some tweaks and polish into the tutorial in this release. In particular, the tutorial now knows your chosen system language. Also, you’ll notice we’ve added some fun new animations!



As of this version of Minuum, the bonus panel shortcut (the ★ character) has been replaced with an emoji shortcut (the ☺). This is a first step towards making emoji more easy and fun to use. You can still manage and enable your bonus panels under Minuum Settings -> Experimental & Advanced -> Show bonus panels/Choose enabled bonus panels.

Other improvements and bug fixes

  1. The Language & layout manager has been redesigned and reorganized in this release
  2. The “ö” character is now correctly placed in the Swedish keyboard layout
  3. Turning off animations under Minuum Settings -> Experimental & Advanced -> Enable Animation now also hides gesture feedback (also known as action bubbles.) This means you won’t see any animation or feedback when you perform the gestures for space, enter, delete and voice/language.
  4. Fixed a serious issue in web text fields where deleting a character inserted a new copy of the word.
  5. We’ve further reduced the memory usage of our engine.

As always, let us know what you think via the social media links below, and email if you have any issues. Tell your friends to help us spread the word about our awesome keyboard! Want to stay on top of Minuum news and announcements? Click here to join our mailing list.

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Full Access: Why We Need It

IMG_4425 (1)

Recently, we submitted an update of Minuum to the App Store that includes several new themes and languages.

To use any of these new languages and themes, however, you will have to allow Minuum to have something called Full Access. There has been a lot of confusion of exactly what this is, which is reasonable, because it’s seriously confusing and ambiguous. When you go to the settings and attempt to give a keyboard Full Access, you’re shown the following prompt:

Full access allows the developer of this keyboard to transmit anything you type, including things you have previously typed with this keyboard. This could include sensitive information such as your credit card number or street address.

Full Access seems scary because it can be abused. A keyboard app with Full Access enabled has the ability to collect information about what you type. But Full Access does not mean that the app will collect sensitive personal information at all, just that it could if it wanted to. At Minuum, we choose not to.

We’d love to not have to ask for Full Access at all, but Apple unfortunately requires this for some very simple functionality. To understand why, you can think of the Minuum keyboard extension as a separate app from the main Minuum app. The Minuum app is where you can change settings, choose a new keyboard theme, or set up multiple languages. But the keyboard can’t communicate with the main app unless it reads and writes to a shared preferences file, which is only allowed with Full Access.

This restriction makes sense, otherwise a malicious keyboard without full access could still sneak sensitive data into a shared file for the main app to upload to the cloud. It’s a complicated issue, but the fact remains that we’ll need to keep asking for Full Access until Apple figures out a more understandable solution.

We totally get why it would be scary to give an app you’ve used Full Access to a device filled with your personal information. We as app users ask the same questions when we download something new. We take privacy very seriously, and carefully design Minuum with privacy in mind. If you ever have any concerns with our approach to privacy, our privacy policy, or our use of Full Access, please reach out to us at

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Our Biggest Update Yet: 12 New Languages, Customization, and More

Since our launch on iOS, we’ve received thousands of requests for more languages and themes. The latest version of Minuum is our biggest update yet, with twelve new languages, fifteen new themes, advanced customization options, and plenty of extra little features and fixes. Minuum’s new languages are available on both iOS and Android, both on sale at $0.99 USD (75% off) for a limited time!

Your keyboard themes now include 15 limited edition flags to celebrate our increased language support. Advanced customization settings are available in the Advanced Settings panel on iOS, letting you control sounds, autocorrect, and other keyboard features.

As always, let us know what you think via the social media links below, and email if you have any issues. Tell your friends to help us spread the word! Want to stay on top of Minuum news? Click here to join our iOS mailing list and here if you’re on Android.

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Minuum 2.14: Better corrections, 5 new languages, quick loading

IMG_4379Minuum 2.14 was rolled out over the weekend and it includes some major improvements to the Minuum engine. We’re also releasing 5 new languages and making quick language switching is now available on all devices.

Improved autocorrect

This new release of Minuum brings major improvements to our autocorrect in the full keyboard. We’ve completely revamped how we query our suggestions so they are more closely tailored to what you type on the full keyboard.

5 new languages

We’re excited to release beta version of 5 new languages for the Minuum keyboard:

  • Swedish
  • Czech
  • Polish
  • Portugese (Portugal)
  • Turkish

Quick language switching

Fast language switching is now available for on Minuum all devices. After the first boot, Minuum caches all the language data so it can reboot nearly instantaneously the next time. This means that when you long press on the spacebar to switch language Minuum will switch languages immediately. You also enable the language switching gesture under “Minuum Settings->Look & feel->Language switching shortcut”.

Because fast language switching is now available on all devices, we’ve remove the “turbo mode” switch in the experimental settings. As a result Minuum now uses much less RAM for multilingual users.

Bug fixes

  • Emoji category icons have been restored
  • The color of the emoji font has been adjusted to be visible in all themes for users who aren’t using the Minuum custom emoji option
  • Delete button can no longer become stuck and unusable
  • We’ve improved keyboard rendering on smaller devices and fixed rendering issues with the magnified views for cyrillic layouts


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