Easier Hashtags, New Numbers Layout, Advanced Character Options And A Bug Fix

Update Minuum for Android to version 3.4 today for some great new changes. Most importantly, we’ve reorganized the number and symbols into two layers: a numbers layer with larger, easier to use buttons and a second advanced symbols layer.

New and improved punctuation layouts

You’ll also notice that Minuum automatically switches back from the numbers or symbols layer to the letters layer when you type a space or hit enter. You can disable this behaviour under “Minuum settings->Experimental & Advanced->Switch to letters on space”.

Minuum now simplifies typing email addresses, URLs and hashtags. The comma button to the left of the spacebar now switches to become “#”, “@”, “.com” depending on where you are typing.

New smart punctuation button left of the spacebar

We’ve also added an advanced option to hide the alternate character hints displayed above letters, giving your keyboard a more minimal look. You can find this settings under “Minuum settings->Experimental & Advanced->Alternate character hints”.

Wow such minimal

Finally we’ve squashed a bug that made the current word you’re typing get miss-corrected if you switch between full and mini mode. And on the topic of bugs, we’ve made it easier to send us support emails. If you want to let us know about a technical issue or a feature request, just open “Minuum Settings” and tap “Get Support”. Pressing this button automatically opens an email to support@minuum.com and adds in your device info so we can help you faster!

As always, let us know what you think via the social media links below, and email support@minuum.com if you have any questions or technical issues. Tell your friends to help us spread the word!

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Smart Emoji And New Themes – Now On Android And iPhone

Minuum for iPhone With New Themes And Smart Emoji


We’ve been hard at work optimizing and building features for Minuum since we added Smart Spacing to our keyboard. Now, we’re happy to share updates with both our Android and iPhone users. Download or update Minuum today to get performance improvements, bug fixes and two great new features – Smart Emoji and new themes! Once you’ve updated, take a look under themes in Minuum Settings to find fun new theme packs like Colour Blur, Natural, Rhombus and Geometric.

New Themes On Minuum For Android


Smart Emoji is a feature that will ensure you always have the right emoticon at your finger tips. Our analysis of hundreds of millions of messages containing emoji has given Minuum the ability to predict what kind of emoji you want; eliminating the need to search through odd categories to find the emoticon you were looking for. If you’d like to know more about what went into making this feature, click here to check out the first part of our Exploring Emoji series.

For a full list of what has changed in this update, check out the what’s new section on our App Store and Play Store listings. As always let us know what you think via the social media links below, and email support@minuum.com if you have any issues. Tell your friends to help us spread the word! Want to stay on top of Minuum news? Click here to join our iOS mailing list and here if you’re an Android user.

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Smart spacing, multilingual typing, bug fixes and more!

The response to Minuum 3.0 for Android has been fantastic, but this is just the beginning. Today, we’re releasing our first Android update of 2015! It includes smarter autocorrect, more control over multilingual typing and updated themes.


As you can see from the screenshot above, we now have a feature called smart spacing. This means that next time you’re typing and you miss the space bar, our autocorrect will figure out that you’re trying to say two words instead of one. In the example above you’ll see that ptetyyfreat gets corrected to pretty great. This update also makes multilingual typing even easier. In Minuum Settings you will find a new option called Multi-lang layout. Now, you can choose whichever keyboard layout makes sense for the languages you speak. Lastly, we have restored the flat black and flat white themes at the request of multiple users. To learn about all the changes in this update click the button below to check us out on the Play Store.

As always, let us know what you think via the social media links below, and email support@minuum.com if you have any issues. Tell your friends to help us spread the word!

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Material Design. Multilingual support. Minuum 3.0 for Android is here!


The wait is over! Minuum 3.0 for Android is the big update we’ve been working on for the past few months, with major improvements to our autocorrect and a hotly requested multilingual typing mode. Our update has tons of new themes to celebrate full Android Lollipop support. New material design themes, textured themes, Christmas themes, and special adaptive Lollipop themes that change colour depending on the app that you’re in! We’re also throwing in an update to Minuum for Android Wear later today, so make sure you’re signed up for our smart watch mailing list.

Note that multilingual support is now available as an experimental setting; for many combinations of English with single other languages we’ve had delightful results, but note that it won’t necessarily work perfectly with all combinations of languages.

Our new keyboard themes are just the beginning, with plenty more themes to come! This release showcases a mixture of Material Design themes, as well as designs borrowed from our iOS version of Minuum. The new adaptive themes include a chameleon mode (thanks Patrick for the suggestion), which changes colour to match the app that you’re typing in, and a day/night theme which changes colour over the course of the day. Let us know if you have other themes you want to see.

We’re in the middle of some deep improvements with our algorithms, and the first stage of this work is released with 3.0. This update drastically improves corrections for English typing, including better vocabulary for first-time users who haven’t yet had a chance for Minuum to learn from their personal typing style. Stay tuned for even more deep autocorrect improvements!

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Minuum 2.15: New tutorial, emoji and bug fixes

lang-emojiWith the latest version of Minuum we’re striving making emoji faster and easier to access. In addition we’ve got a number of important bug fixes and behind the scenes performance improvements.


We’ve snuck some tweaks and polish into the tutorial in this release. In particular, the tutorial now knows your chosen system language. Also, you’ll notice we’ve added some fun new animations!



As of this version of Minuum, the bonus panel shortcut (the ★ character) has been replaced with an emoji shortcut (the ☺). This is a first step towards making emoji more easy and fun to use. You can still manage and enable your bonus panels under Minuum Settings -> Experimental & Advanced -> Show bonus panels/Choose enabled bonus panels.

Other improvements and bug fixes

  1. The Language & layout manager has been redesigned and reorganized in this release
  2. The “ö” character is now correctly placed in the Swedish keyboard layout
  3. Turning off animations under Minuum Settings -> Experimental & Advanced -> Enable Animation now also hides gesture feedback (also known as action bubbles.) This means you won’t see any animation or feedback when you perform the gestures for space, enter, delete and voice/language.
  4. Fixed a serious issue in web text fields where deleting a character inserted a new copy of the word.
  5. We’ve further reduced the memory usage of our engine.

As always, let us know what you think via the social media links below, and email support@minuum.com if you have any issues. Tell your friends to help us spread the word about our awesome keyboard! Want to stay on top of Minuum news and announcements? Click here to join our mailing list.

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Our Biggest Update Yet: 12 New Languages, Customization, and More

Since our launch on iOS, we’ve received thousands of requests for more languages and themes. The latest version of Minuum is our biggest update yet, with twelve new languages, fifteen new themes, advanced customization options, and plenty of extra little features and fixes. Minuum’s new languages are available on both iOS and Android, both on sale at $0.99 USD (75% off) for a limited time!

Your keyboard themes now include 15 limited edition flags to celebrate our increased language support. Advanced customization settings are available in the Advanced Settings panel on iOS, letting you control sounds, autocorrect, and other keyboard features.

As always, let us know what you think via the social media links below, and email support@minuum.com if you have any issues. Tell your friends to help us spread the word! Want to stay on top of Minuum news? Click here to join our iOS mailing list and here if you’re on Android.

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Minuum 2.14: Better corrections, 5 new languages, quick loading

IMG_4379Minuum 2.14 was rolled out over the weekend and it includes some major improvements to the Minuum engine. We’re also releasing 5 new languages and making quick language switching is now available on all devices.

Improved autocorrect

This new release of Minuum brings major improvements to our autocorrect in the full keyboard. We’ve completely revamped how we query our suggestions so they are more closely tailored to what you type on the full keyboard.

5 new languages

We’re excited to release beta version of 5 new languages for the Minuum keyboard:

  • Swedish
  • Czech
  • Polish
  • Portugese (Portugal)
  • Turkish

Quick language switching

Fast language switching is now available for on Minuum all devices. After the first boot, Minuum caches all the language data so it can reboot nearly instantaneously the next time. This means that when you long press on the spacebar to switch language Minuum will switch languages immediately. You also enable the language switching gesture under “Minuum Settings->Look & feel->Language switching shortcut”.

Because fast language switching is now available on all devices, we’ve remove the “turbo mode” switch in the experimental settings. As a result Minuum now uses much less RAM for multilingual users.

Bug fixes

  • Emoji category icons have been restored
  • The color of the emoji font has been adjusted to be visible in all themes for users who aren’t using the Minuum custom emoji option
  • Delete button can no longer become stuck and unusable
  • We’ve improved keyboard rendering on smaller devices and fixed rendering issues with the magnified views for cyrillic layouts


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The future of Minuum: Where we’re headed


It has been 4 months since Apple announced they would be opening up their platform to third-party keyboards. As a result, the Minuum team has been working doubly hard to continue to evolve Minuum for Android, while simultaneously building the Minuum keyboard experience for iOS from the ground up.

In the process of rethinking the Minuum experience for iOS, we’ve stumbled upon some fantastic new ideas. We’re now at a point where our Android and iOS apps have slightly different feature sets, but we’ll be working to bring the best aspects of Minuum on each platform into the other.

Our most-requested feature, by far, has been for international language support. With our iPhone keyboard fully up and running, we’re finally ready to release our next major set of language packs: our family of 13 language packs now includes beta versions of Swedish, Polish, Turkish, Czech, and Portuguese (EU), now available for Android users, and available on iPhone in our upcoming update.

With every set of languages, we encounter new challenges; but we’ve now streamlined this process and are looking forward to much faster addition of new languages. In the upcoming months, both Android and iPhone users can expect support for twice as many languages, overall design improvements, deeply improved autocorrect accuracy, and new experimental speed-typing features. We plan on testing and releasing approximately 6 languages every 2 months.

We founded this company to tackle the ongoing problem of typing with mobile devices, on whatever form those devices may take. With both iPhone and Android platforms open to explore, we only have more opportunities to revolutionize what keyboard input can do for you, and we’re excited to explore each as deeply as we can.

While our priority will remain with our hundreds of thousands of smartphone users, we can’t forget the up-and-coming wave of smart watches (and other experimental new platforms). Our applications for Google Glass and Android Wear will remain on hold, pending official third-party keyboard support from Google. With exciting partnerships with wearables like will.i.am’s new Puls smartband, we’ll continue to be on the lookout for interesting opportunities to apply Minuum in new ways.

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Minuum 2.12

Planning the future of Minuum

Today we’re rolling out Minuum 2.12. In this release you’ll see the following changes:

Suppressed feedback when resizing keyboard – Some people had mentioned that switching from full to mini mode would accidentally cause letters to be input mid-gesture. This modification should fix this issue.

Done button for languages – We have improved the process of setting up languages by adding a done button to the process.

Deleting no longer autocorrects old words – Now when you delete characters at the end of a previously typed word, it doesn’t get corrected as you type.

Bug fix: remove from dictionary pop-up – We fixed a bug which caused users to unexpectedly get a pop-up asking to remove a word from the dictionary.

Space bar update – We have improved the reliability of the space bar.

To manually download Minuum 2.12, click here for the free version and here for the paid version.

That’s all for this update. As always, let us know what you think and email support@minuum.com if you are having any issues. Help us spread the word via TwitterGoogle+ and Facebook!

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Minuum 2.11 and Quick Tips


Today we’re rolling out Minuum 2.11. This release contains the following changes:

Floating mode – Pictured above, this feature lets you freely resize and move the keyboard around the screen. This is ideal for tablet users and people who want to type with one hand.

Compact mode – Similar to floating mode, compact mode will let you dock the keyboard to different places around the screen.

Double space for period advanced setting – This is an option for users to modify how periods work when double tapping the space bar.

Removed layer and mode switch buttons from shift menu – We have streamlined the shift menu to have less choices so we can reduce clutter. The removed buttons have been moved to Minuum Settings.

To manually download the update, click here for the free version and here for the paid version.

Minuum Quick Tips:

For users who want to get the most out of their Minuum experience, we are starting to release short tutorial videos. They are made to highlight specific features and gestures you can perform that might not have been immediately obvious to the average user. Check out our first one below!

That’s all for this update. As always, let us know what you think and email support@minuum.com if you are having any issues. Help us spread the word via TwitterGoogle+ and Facebook!

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