Minuum 2.10: faster emoji, tutorial improvements and bug fixes

Minuum 2.10 is available today. This release includes a modified tutorial, updated emoji with better performance and bug fixes. Keep reading for details on the changes and help us spread the word via TwitterGoogle+ and Facebook!

Emoji improvements

We have improved the speed and reliability of Minuum’s Emoji panel. Users with certain phones will also notice that their black and white Emoji font has been updated to Google’s Noto emoji font shown in the screenshot below.


Tutorial update

We’ve made some improvements to the tutorial. If you haven’t seen it or just want a refresher we suggest you give it a try. You may find a feature you’ve never seen before!

Bug fixes

This update also includes some bug fixes. Until now, some users may have experienced a blank space between the spacebar and letters in landscape mode. We’ve also fixed an issue which would cause typed letters to appear in the wrong location when editing some words with punctuation.

That’s all for this update. As always, let us know what you think and email support@minuum.com if you are having any issues.

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