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Happy World Emoji Day!

Minuum Dango World EmojiDay

Happy World Emoji Day!

To celebrate, we’re launching emoji combos in Dango!

If you haven’t already tried Dango, our new artificially intelligent personal emoji assistant app, you can try it here. If you’re not in an English-speaking country, that Play Store download won’t work for you yet, but you can download the APK here.

The Minuum Team

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Dango: Emoji and GIF prediction using deep learning ???

Hey Minuum emoji lovers,

We’ve just announced a new project that we’ve been working on, called Dango. If you’re interested in machine learning, emoji, or GIFs, you’ll want to check out this article about how our new algorithms work: http://getdango.com/emoji-and-deep-learning.html

About a year ago, we were deeply inspired by the response to the first version of Minuum’s emoji predictions. After some initial research and development, we started to dream about the wider potential of using artificial intelligence to understand the meaning of your messages. We decided to keep this project confined to a separate app, for the sake of you purists who appreciate Minuum’s minimalism – but we’re open to suggestions about how much of emoji and GIF prediction you’re interesting in seeing in the future.

For now, if you or your friends are interested in faster access to emoji and GIFs, just give Dango for Android a try!

And finally, now that we have Dango out the door, you can expect a long-awaited update or two for Minuum in the near future.

– Will Walmsley
Co-founder, Whirlscape Inc.

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Minuum Is On Sale Because We’re Making It Rain Emoji ☔️



It’s been one month since we launched Minuum’s Smart Emoji feature and we’re very happy with the response from you, our users. Since this feature has been added, we’ve seen an overall ~25% increase in emoji usage while using our keyboard.

That’s right, that means that over the past month, 2 MILLION emoji were sent and received because of Minuum! To celebrate all the extra emoji love we’ve decided to go on sale on both Android and iPhone. Click the buttons below to grab Minuum for half price!


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Minuum on Puls

We’re very excited to announce our partnership with Puls! Puls is a new smartband from will.i.am. While the device uses voice control in a similar way to Android Wear, it relies on Minuum for text input. It was just announced today, but more details will be released in the near future. Learn more about the Puls Smartband here: http://will.i.ampuls

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Typing Is Evolving On Android Wear

Minuum is encouraging the exploration of how the Android Wear platform can be used. We know that typing on Android Wear has become a controversial topic, but we wholeheartedly understand Google’s vision of quick and context-aware interaction. That is exactly what Minuum is about, if used correctly. While voice recognition can be great, there are still many situations where speaking to your watch may not be ideal. We’re interested to see how developers and watch-wearers can create new types of succinct experiences that wouldn’t otherwise be possible without a keyboard like Minuum, together figuring out which ones make sense and which don’t on the small screen that a watch provides. None of these things would be possible without the kind of recent experimentation that the Android Wear community has been doing.


Last month, we released a video showcasing Minuum running on an LG G Watch. Our team agrees that just throwing a regular keyboard on a screen that small would be a bad experience for two big reasons; screen space and typing accuracy. Minuum on Android Wear solves the first problem by taking up significantly less of the display and the second by having the same powerful autocorrect algorithm that our tablet and smartphone users currently enjoy. If you’d like to learn more about the algorithm that makes this possible, take a look at this post on our blog.

Since our experimental Android Wear release, developers have created some great apps that wouldn’t have been possible without Minuum. Click the images below to see them on the Play Store.



You can use our keyboard with these apps by downloading them and installing Minuum. While we want as many people as possible to try our keyboard, keep in mind that at this point, installing Minuum on your smart watch requires experience with the Android SDK. If you’re still interested, follow this link to sign up for our Android Wear email list. Signing up will give you watch specific instructions and a link to the APK. Not all of the watches in the drop-down list are currently supported, but continuing the sign up process will get you an email the moment we get Minuum working on the watch you selected.

You can make an app like this too if you’re a developer, just include a text field in your Wear app if you detect that a system input method is available. As always, let us know your thoughts on all of the above (if you’ve tried those apps, or if you’re making a Wear app that supports typing.)

This is still early days for Android Wear and we at Minuum are very excited for the future. The Minuum Keyboard is just expanding the array of possibilities.

If you’re not a smart watch owner, you can still try Minuum on your Android device. Click here to download it today, and click here to find out the moment we’re available on iOS.

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100 Billion Pixels Saved!

Minuum is on sale at 50% off for a week, to celebrate a very special milestone… As of today, Minuum users have reclaimed over 100 billion pixels of screen space!


100 Billions Pixels Saved


But what does this mean?

You get to see much more of your screen when using Minuum, because it takes up fewer pixels than other keyboards do. Bring together a few hundred thousand users, and we’ve reached savings of over 100 billion pixels.

pixels infographic bold

If you haven’t yet given Minuum a try, see what you’re missing by downloading the on-sale version for your Android device before it’s too late!

If you’ve already used the free version of Minuum, we’ll also be giving out 15-day free trial extensions, so be sure to update to version 2.10.1 to receive yours.


Calculations Explained

If you’re curious about the stats behind our calculations, read on!

Let’s understand where that “100 billion” number comes from… for starters, it’s cool to see the distribution of phone sizes across all Minuum users (310,000 people in total):

Device Width histogram

Minuum is mostly used on 1080-pixel-wide phones, especially the Nexus 5, Galaxy S4, and Galaxy Note 3 devices.

Here’s what Minuum looks like on a Nexus 5 device compared with the stock Google keyboard:

pixels infographic comparison

Compared to the stock keyboard, Minuum saves 1080 * 454 = 490,320 pixels on each of those phones (on a 720-pixel screen, it’s closer to 250,000 pixels).

However, note that some users go wild with configuring Minuum’s size, making it as tiny as possible – on a Nexus 5, the tiniest Minuum saves 622,000 pixels!

minuum tiny

About 50% of users do choose to keep the space bar enabled; in their case, only about 330,000 pixels are saved.

Minuum spacebar

Altogether, accounting for the number of each different combination of device size and settings, our 310,000 users average a savings of about 325,000 pixels each, for a grand total of over 100 billion pixels!


If you’re curious about the fun stats about what 100 billion pixels would mean when broken down into numbers of selfies, messages, twitter avatars, and emoji icons, then consult the following data guide:


N.B.: If you’re wondering about how we get anonymous information about things like device size across all users, that’s collected in a standard way via Google Analytics and Mixpanel (we do this to improve the keyboard experience by better understanding how people use it). It’s worth noting that we’re careful not to collect information about what you have typed; we only collect anonymized stats on how people use keyboard features. If we ever consider collecting typing data in the future (for instance, to enable a dictionary cloud sync feature), we’ll first give you the option as to whether you want to opt-in to that service. Check out our privacy policy at minuum.com/data for our official stances on the matter.


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Thanks, Apple!

Ever since our Indiegogo campaign, we’ve had thousands of Minuum fans on iOS waiting patiently for Apple to make a move like this, and we’re as excited as they are about Apple’s decision to allow third-party keyboards.

Our first ever Minuum prototypes were actually built for iOS, and we’re looking forward to bringing those back to life. We’ll announce more specific timelines for Minuum on iOS 8 as we approach launch date. If you’re looking forward to being the first to try Minuum on iOS, sign up here.

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Minuum available on the Omate TrueSmart watch

We’re excited to announce that the Minuum keyboard is now available on the Omate TrueSmart watch. Starting today, owners of the TrueSmart can visit the OStore on their device and download the Minuum Keyboard for free.

TrueSmart owners will get all the same Minuum updates and new languages that our smartphone users receive via the Google Play store.

The Minuum team spends a lot of time developing and testing with all types of smart watches. Of all the devices we use, we think the TrueSmart is the best on the market today. Its sensitive touch screen and great processing power means it can deliver a powerful typing experience. With Minuum on the TrueSmart, it’s finally easy and practical to take notes or send messages via apps like SMS or WhatsApp directly from your wrist.

We’re excited to continue improving Minuum on smart watches with the help of the Omate community. If you use a TrueSmart watch, we’d love to hear your feedback at support.minuum.com

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Minuum t-shirts have arrived

Our supporters who contributed $50 or more to our recent Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the Minuum keyboard project will be happy to know that the t-shirts perks have arrived—and they look awesome. Still to come: magnetic fridge poetry for people who contributed $25 and up. We’re just waiting for those to arrive before we package everything up and ship it all out. If you’re one of the many who can’t wait to slip on some cotton and post the word “disambiguation” on your fridge, remember: You must complete the surveys we e-mail you so that we can send you your perks. Thanks!

Look for the Minuum one-line touchscreen keyboard beta coming in June. (And if you didn’t get the chance to support us back in April, you can sign up for access to the Android beta by clicking here).

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More than halfway to beta

On the heels of our successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the Minuum keyboard project we’ve been a bit quiet, but fear not! We haven’t been in stealth mode; we’ve just been working as hard as possible on the beta version of our one-line touchscreen keyboard (which we’re committed to delivering in June, 2013). Because of overwhelming interest we’ve also started investigating how to bring you Minuum in languages other than English.

Progress on Minuum linear keyboard beta!

Good news: we’re on track to deliver the Minuum keyboard beta to our crowdfunding supporters in June. Our efforts involve the grunt-work of fixing bugs, user-testing some crucial features, and most importantly, making our magical disambiguation algorithms as smart as possible, for the best typing experience from the start.

Staying tuned

If you supported the Minuum keyboard project on Indiegogo, you should be on the lookout for the following:

• E-mails including some important user surveys worth responding to
• News about the Minuum beta release—when and where to get it (likely a Google Play Store download)
• Updates on any other Indiegogo campaign perks you’re expecting

Speaking of perks…

One of the things we’re grateful for is that widespread support from our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign has enabled Whirlscape—creators of the Minuum keyboard project—to bring on new software developers. Since the poetry magnet and t-shirt perks are being shipped to us right now, our new hires will also be rolling up their sleeves with the rest of the Minuum team to package and send those perks on to our supporters from over 60 countries across the globe. Can you say “fulfilment party?”

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