Dango: Emoji and GIF prediction using deep learning ???

Hey Minuum emoji lovers,

We’ve just announced a new project that we’ve been working on, called Dango. If you’re interested in machine learning, emoji, or GIFs, you’ll want to check out this article about how our new algorithms work: http://getdango.com/emoji-and-deep-learning.html

About a year ago, we were deeply inspired by the response to the first version of Minuum’s emoji predictions. After some initial research and development, we started to dream about the wider potential of using artificial intelligence to understand the meaning of your messages. We decided to keep this project confined to a separate app, for the sake of you purists who appreciate Minuum’s minimalism – but we’re open to suggestions about how much of emoji and GIF prediction you’re interesting in seeing in the future.

For now, if you or your friends are interested in faster access to emoji and GIFs, just give Dango for Android a try!

And finally, now that we have Dango out the door, you can expect a long-awaited update or two for Minuum in the near future.

– Will Walmsley
Co-founder, Whirlscape Inc.