Privacy Policy – iOS

This is the privacy policy for Whirlscape, Inc. (“Whirlscape”), makers of the Minuum keyboard. It outlines what information is gathered by your device, and how that information may be used. We take your privacy very seriously; we strive to not collect sensitive information without your explicit consent, and to treat any data that you permit us to collect securely and confidentially. Turning on “Full Access” does not cause Minuum to collect typing data – you have full control over your privacy settings in the “Privacy Control” section of the Minuum app.

Data stored on your device

The Minuum keyboard operates in part through the use of intelligent, automated prediction algorithms. These algorithms rely on what is called a “language model”: a sense of which words you are likely to use, and when. As you use Minuum, it learns your particular writing style over time, improving the accuracy of its predictions and disambiguation. This functionality requires the gathering and storing on your device of aggregate statistical data. These data could include lists and counts of words used, common misspellings, error rates, typing speeds, and application context.

Data transmitted to Whirlscape

Whirlscape receives limited non-personally identifiable information gathered on the device, such as statistics about which features are used, through third party analytics packages such as Mixpanel. Whirlscape uses this data for its business operations and planning, including application improvement, debugging, and marketing. By understanding which features people use, we’re able to make the keyboard better!

No personally identifying information, or text that you type, is transmitted to Whirlscape unless you explicitly opt in. Such an opt-in request will not necessarily occur immediately, especially if this functionality is not yet built into the Minuum application. If you do opt in to share your data, some subset of the information gathered on your device will be transmitted to Whirlscape for storage and analysis. This data will be anonymized and stored separately from any personally identifying information, unless you explicitly consent to store the information together, for instance to enable automatic cloud backup and restoration of your personal language models.

Data sharing with third parties

If, as outlined above, you have explicitly opted in to sharing data, Whirlscape will only share those data and/or personal information with third parties for the following purposes and in the following ways:
Whirlscape will not share your personal information with any third party in a way that is personally identifiable to you or any other specific user. However, Whirlscape may share with any third party aggregate anonymized information, such as overall usage statistics across large groups of users. These third parties may include, for instance, vendors, affiliates, or customers who assist Whirlscape in providing its products and services.

Whirlscape may share any data that you have transmitted if required by law, if it believes it is necessary to comply with a court of competent jurisdiction or other legal requirements of any government authority, if it believes it would potentially mitigate its liability in an actual or potential lawsuit, if it believes it is otherwise necessary to protect its rights or property, or if Whirlscape sells its business to a third party.

This policy was last updated on December 19, 2014.