Easier Hashtags, New Numbers Layout, Advanced Character Options And A Bug Fix

Update Minuum for Android to version 3.4 today for some great new changes. Most importantly, we’ve reorganized the number and symbols into two layers: a numbers layer with larger, easier to use buttons and a second advanced symbols layer.

New and improved punctuation layouts

You’ll also notice that Minuum automatically switches back from the numbers or symbols layer to the letters layer when you type a space or hit enter. You can disable this behaviour under “Minuum settings->Experimental & Advanced->Switch to letters on space”.

Minuum now simplifies typing email addresses, URLs and hashtags. The comma button to the left of the spacebar now switches to become “#”, “@”, “.com” depending on where you are typing.

New smart punctuation button left of the spacebar

We’ve also added an advanced option to hide the alternate character hints displayed above letters, giving your keyboard a more minimal look. You can find this settings under “Minuum settings->Experimental & Advanced->Alternate character hints”.

Wow such minimal

Finally we’ve squashed a bug that made the current word you’re typing get miss-corrected if you switch between full and mini mode. And on the topic of bugs, we’ve made it easier to send us support emails. If you want to let us know about a technical issue or a feature request, just open “Minuum Settings” and tap “Get Support”. Pressing this button automatically opens an email to support@minuum.com and adds in your device info so we can help you faster!

As always, let us know what you think via the social media links below, and email support@minuum.com if you have any questions or technical issues. Tell your friends to help us spread the word!