Exploring Emoji: The Quest for the Perfect Emoticon

Emoji are about more than just being cute, or funny; they’re a way of expressing tone and mood, clarifying sarcasm and softening harsh replies. People are always finding new ways to use emoji, forever in search of the perfect emoji for any given situation. Take “camping”, for example: you might already know about the “tent” emoji, but digging deeper reveals many more that capture the nuances of what you love most about camping:

The Perfect Emoji for Camping

We dove deep into hundreds of millions of messages containing emoji, to uncover the fundamentals of how emoji are used:

The fundamentals of emoji structure; this is how people use emoji!

The problem is that emoji keyboards are horrifically inconvenient. People don’t have time to browse through hundreds (soon thousands) of miscategorizated emoji, and most people aren’t even aware of half the emoji they have available to them. Too many people limit themselves to the occasional single smiley face, and stop there.

So how can we bring the full potential of emoji to users who don’t have time to explore? How can we make emoji easier?

Minuum saves you from the pains of scrolling through miscategorized lists of emoji

With massive data processing of real emoji use (more detail to come in upcoming posts, I promise!), we’re building hyper-intelligent algorithms that give you the perfect set of emoji for every situation, immediately.

Minuum’s new emoji suggestions can be used as search, translation, and prediction, all wrapped-up into the core typing experience. It’s about quick access to the emoji you need, but most importantly, it’s about serendipity. Whether you’re discovering a single emoji, or a set of emoji that work well together, we’ll constantly surprise you with emoji you didn’t even know you wanted.

Here are examples of some fun combinations created from the first version of Minuum’s smart emoji suggestions:

Example of Minuum Smart Emoji Predictions

As we constantly learn from how you use emoji, the palette of suggestions will evolve until you hopefully never need to dig through emoji categories again.

You can try for yourself: Minuum’s smart emoji suggestions are available today for Android on Google Play, and for beta testers on iOS (you can sign up for our iOS mailing list to be notified when this feature becomes publicly available in the next week or two). As always, we’d love to hear your feedback @minuum, and stay tuned for more in this series on emoji exploration.

Smart Emoji is the first of many innovations that we have planned here at Minuum as we continue our long journey of applying semantic analysis, natural language processing, and machine learning to make mobile input better.

Side By Side iPhone 6+ Nexus 5 with Minuum Emoji Predictions