Type Anywhere

The Minuum keyboard has always been about much more than touchscreens. Minuum is about simplifying the keyboard experience to allow typing on any imaginable mobile and wearable device. Typing on a watch? Glasses? Ring? You name it, we can type there. Reach out and let’s chat about working together.

Enabling new wearables

When we think of the keyboard as a single line, we’re talking about moving beyond touchscreens altogether. Our powerful disambiguation algorithms are useful anywhere you can sense one dimension of input, effectively allowing you to type anywhere, or with anything.

Inventing the future

We’ve tinkered with nearly every variety of wearable device on the market, and we’ve been building a wide variety of ways to type in previously unimaginable ways. Take a look at what a future with Minuum will look like.

Google Glass typing

Minuum is the first keyboard to showcase effective typing on the Google Glass. We have countless ideas for how to integrate typing using a linear touch sensor, camera vision, motion control, and more.

If you’re making a next-generation smart glasses solution, get in touch.

Typing in mid-air

Minuum works well with gesture control platforms like the Leap Motion and Myo armband.

Typing in any situation, with no touch necessary, only using hand motions and gestures is easy and fast with the Minuum Keyboard.

Easy Smart TV typing

With simple motion control sensors in your game or TV remote, Minuum allows for faster and more comfortable search.

The idea is simple: point approximately left or right towards the letter you want and tap – no need to be precise, and no need to move the remote up or down.

Your imagination is the limit

The videos above only scratch the surface of what’s possible with one-dimensional typing technology – let us know if you’re interested in our development kit, to take typing into your own hands.

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