Hello, Moto 360: Typing on a Circle!

We’re proud to announce that we’re developing Minuum for circular watch faces! This is especially exciting in light of the Android Wear announcements at Google I/O this week; if you’re interested in our circular keyboard becoming publicly available for Android Wear, be sure to tell the folks over at Android.

As smart watches have evolved, one of the most appealing designs that we’ve seen is the round-faced Moto 360. As you may have come to realize from watching our sweet demo videos, Minuum is all about typing anywhere. And what better place for a one-line keyboard than along the edge of a circular watch face?

This is perhaps our most perfect example of how the original QWERTY keyboard needs to evolve to fit into the future of wearable devices – check it out:


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…But why would smart watches even need a keyboard, you might ask?

Simple: as useful as voice recognition might be for some situations, it will always remain insufficient when it comes to noisy environments and private message replies. One of the best use cases of the smart watch is the quick message reply when in a meeting, or in class; and I’m sure your boss/teacher wouldn’t be too pleased with you talking to your watch. And don’t get us started on URL/password entry…

So for smart watches to truly be smart, they need a keyboard. Smart watch owners seem to agree; we’ve have had thousands of e-mail requests for the smart watch version of Minuum – if you’re using an Android-based smart watch right now, sign-up here to try for yourself.

In case you missed it, check out our smart watch typing video here, or read our thoughts here why Minuum is the best keyboard for smart watches.


N.B. Android Wear doesn’t yet have full input method integration, but if you’d like to try Minuum on your watch anyway, sign up at minuum.com/watch and we’ll send you installation instructions.