Mini Mode Mods, Speed Improvements, A *New Emoji* And More!


There’s a new version of Minuum available now for iOS! In this update you’ll notice that mini mode has better dictionary support. You can now press and drag left or right for more precise character selection, reducing the need to switch to full mode to pick a specific letter. We have modified the suggestion bar to improve what is shown and when. Furthermore, based on user requests we have added a comma to landscape mode.

On top of the above changes, we’ve tweaked Minuum to give it better tap and gesture recognition. You should also notice an improvement in speed overall. Last, but definitely not least, we’ve added the vulcan salute emoji. Sochya eh dif! 🖖To get the update, click here, the image of Spock below or visit App Store > Updates on your iPhone.

Live long and prosper.


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