Minuum 1.2.3: New Look, Better Auto-Spacing, and More

Last week’s update made Minuum more stable under the hood. Now, version 1.2.3 brings a new look, along with improvements for smileys, predictions, and more:

The new, clean look


Auto-spacing and smileys

In order to save you keystrokes, Minuum uses smart auto-spacing that keeps punctuation in the right place. Until now, the Minuum engine was sometimes a little overzealous, getting in the way of your smileys. So we’ve simplified auto-spacing to let you easily type a :-)

Deletion-aware predictions

We’ve also improved our predictions to be aware of the last word you deleted. Now, if you delete a word that Minuum didn’t guess quite right, you’ll likely find the word you wanted in the suggestions bar.

Create new words with custom suffixes

Version 1.2.3 lets you teach Minuum made-up words by adding suffixes to existing words. For example, if you type “Minuum” and carefully add “tastic” via zoom view, the engine will disambiguate your input to “Minuumtastic”. Then, as always, just hit space and Minuum will learn your new word.

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