Minuum 1.2.6: Improved Shift Button, Disambiguation, and Tutorial

This latest update includes some handy improvements, including the ability to retro-capitalize words, enter words containing numbers more easily, and quickly auto-format North American and French telephone numbers. We’re also introducing a brand new interactive tutorial to help our users get the best experience with Minuum.

Shift button

After typing some text, you can go back to any word and tap the shift button to capitalize the first letter of that word, tap again to capitalize all the letters, and tap a third time to bring it back to lowercase. Then select the capitalization you want in the suggestions bar.

Words with numbers

We’ve improved our disambiguation, especially for words that include numbers, such as 49ers, 1st, 22nd, 17th, etc. Simply type the number and select the desired suffix in the suggestions bar.

Telephone numbers

The suggestions bar now also allows you to auto-format phone numbers, turning something like 14083203232 into 1 (408) 320-3232.


The new interactive tutorial shows you how to use gestures to space, delete whole words, and switch between Minuum’s full and compact modes.

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