Minuum 1.2 Learns New Languages

You can now download German, French, and Italian beta-version modules for the Minuum keyboard! If you already have the Android app installed, upgrade to Minuum 1.2, then simply go into Minuum Settings and select Languages.

We’ve developed a system that lets you download individual modules from our servers, so you can select which languages you want to install. We also took on the major project of completely restructuring the algorithms behind the scenes to make the keyboard faster, more accurate, and better able to handle spelling mistakes. It’s been a fast-paced two months as our entire team has been dedicated solely to this languages/algorithms overhaul!

Starting now, you can expect more frequent updates and exciting new features. Your feedback on the first set of modules will help us make further improvements and refine the process for adding more languages (Spanish is next, with other languages to follow). Test-drive Minuum 1.2 and tell us what you think on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter!

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