Minuum 2.4: Themes!


Today we’re releasing Minuum 2.4 which introduces two themes: the default "Dark Theme" and the new "Light Theme". You can choose your theme under "Minuum Settings" -> "Look & Feel" -> "Select Theme". You can expect more themes in upcoming releases.


New Permissions

You’ll also notice that we’re requesting three new permissions with this update. Because of the new permissions, you’ll have to approve the update in the Google Play store – so make sure you take a second to update Minuum to the new version.

All three of these permissions are needed for Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), which we’re integrating into Minuum. GCM is service that will allow us to push data, such as configurations, to your Minuum keyboard between play store updates. This should mean a better Minuum experience for you. Here’s a quick overview of the three permissions and what they do:

  • "find accounts on device": This service allows us to list the accounts present on your phone. GCM requires a Google account.
  • "receive data from internet": This one just lets us specifically receive data from GCM aka "internet"
  • "prevent phone from sleeping": So the application can temporarily keep the processor from sleeping when a message is received.

Unlock Badge

If you’ve upgraded from the free trial version, you’ll now see an unlocked icon so you know you have the full version.


Bug Fixes

As usual, we have a couple of nice little improvements and bug fixes for you:

  • Gesture sensitivity (for space and delete swipes) has been adjusted. We hope this will make gestures a little less sensitive on the devices like the Samsung S3/S4.
  • We’ve disabled auto correct for external keyboards so you can type normally on bluetooth and flip/slide-out keyboards.
  • A small popup delay was introduced in the shift button menu. This should eliminate an issue where pressing shift would cause the keyboard to switch to numbers mode on tablets and other large devices.

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