Minuum beta on the Play Store

Minuum is now available as an Android app on the Play Store, for anyone to try!

Since the first beta release of the Minuum keyboard for Android smartphones, we’ve spent a lot of time working with our group of initial supporters to make the product better. Much of what’s now available for the public beta draws on the requests and suggestions we received through our support forums. This feedback has been as valuable to the Minuum team as our supporters’ early vote of confidence and financial backing.

Re-architecting Minuum’s software and making its underlying algorithms run better are the changes that will be invisible to our user group, but here are some features you’ll notice in the public beta release:

Expansion to full-sized keyboard — Much as people have been attracted to Minuum’s minimalism in its one-dimensional incarnation, many have also expressed a desire for the option to switch into a full-sized keyboard on occasion. So, we’ve met this request by allowing users to switch between linear and full-sized modes when they really want it (by pressing with two fingers on the keyboard). This is especially useful for entering URLs and passwords.

Voice typing — Another popular request from our beta testers is for hands-free text entry which enables them to type in between performing other activities. Minuum users can now experience this voice-to-text capability via Google Voice Typing.

Alternative alphabet arrangements — Users can now choose from different keyboard layouts, such as AZERTY, instead of having to use the QWERTY arrangement. This enhancement, based on Minuum’s capability to provide custom layouts, addresses the needs of our international user base, a large portion of which does not use the standard English-language layout we’re used to.

Better access to punctuation — We’ve optimized our punctuation arrangement to reflect more common usage, and we’ve added additional punctuation to our full keyboard punctuation mode. Try double-spacing for convenient access to common punctuation (!,.?)

Of course, there’s still a lot of work to do, and we’re continuing to draw on the input from our beta supporters. One thing to look forward to in the near future is non-English language capability. Adding languages other than English is the number one request from our supporters. Because the Minuum experience revolves around smart auto-correction, adding new languages requires a bit more work—and we’re on it.

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