Minuum for iOS: Full Steam Ahead!

As rumours about the new iPhone announcement circulate around Apple’s scheduled event for September 9, the Minuum team has shifted all gears to be ready for the much anticipated (but still shrouded in mystery) iOS8 public release date. Our team is working very hard to prepare for our iOS launch and we have even added some new members for this specific purpose. We plan to start regularly releasing more tid-bits about our plans for Minuum for iOS8, but we can’t give away too many details just yet. In the meantime we thought we’d introduce you to our team’s latest additions that we brought on to help us get ready for the launch.

IMG_3912 (1)


Stewart is one super-strong developer and fits in as just another pea in the pod amongst the Minuum team. He is a key resource in building out the core of our iOS8 app as well as ensuring all office furniture gets timely assembled.



Ira is our designer extraordinaire, and she will be responsible for many of the exciting design changes you will see to both our Android and iOS apps, website and play/app store collaterals.



If you have been interacting with us on social media, then you have probably been talking with Iskander (pronounced “Skunder”). Iskander has been responsible for our recent blog posts including the latest fun Android Wear videos and GIFs.

We know we haven’t introduced you to our older core teammates yet either, that will come soon! For now, we wanted to welcome our newest team members by introducing them to our loyal community of fans and users. If you haven’t already, sign up for our iOS8 Mailing List  and let your iOS friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ know that we’re on our way!