Sneak Preview: Minuum for iOS

Frustrated by autocorrect on your iPhone? Do your big fingers make it difficult to type quickly on a touch screen? Fear not, because Minuum for iOS is almost ready. Here’s a sneak preview:

Minuum Keyboard is coming to iOS 8! Sign up at

We’ve embraced the design philosophies of iOS to refine Minuum into an elegant typing experience centred around our incredibly powerful autocorrect.

Minuum gives you the best of both worlds with:

  • mini mode with ultra-powered autocorrect for fast, big-fingered, sloppy typing;
  • full keyboard mode for teaching the dictionary new words (autocorrect optional)

Combine that with the additional screen real estate you gain in mini mode, and you’ve got a typing experience like no other.

Sign up today at to be the first to try – and don’t forget to let your iOS friends on FacebookTwitter and Google+ know that we’re on our way!