Minuum for iPhone

The Minuum keyboard for iOS8 is now available! Type faster, take control of your autocorrect, and choose from colorful themes to match your keyboard to your phone. Minuum’s incredible mini mode is just a swipe away.

Take control of autocorrect

Minuum constantly learns from you to save you from the frustration of autocorrect failure. Ultra-powerful instant correction updates what you type in real-time, so you can watch the text field, not the keyboard.

Need to teach Minuum a new word? Just tap on the first word suggestion, which always shows precisely what you typed. Learned a weird word? Unlearn it by long-pressing on the suggestion.

See more screen

When you’re writing a long email, or messaging with a friend, it helps to see what you’re replying to. And when your keyboard is designed to handle sloppy typing, it doesn’t need to to fill up half of your screen. You can easily swipe up and down to switch between two modes: the full keyboard is best for typing non-dictionary words, constantly improving its intelligence by learning from what you type; while the mini keyboard lets you see more of the apps you’re using (and is just as smart!).
Minuum gets its name from this patent-pending mini mode, which is just a one-line continuum of letters – learn how this works on our blog.

Add new
words instantly

Minuum learns new words the instant you type them: to precisely type a new word, switch to full keyboard mode, or long-press on each letter in mini mode


Minuum offers many ways to make punctuation easy – try double-spacing, then choosing from the suggestions!

Your privacy
comes first

It’s important to trust your keyboard – we don’t collect data about what you type, and never will without your permission. See our privacy policy here.

Try it for yourself

Experience Minuum on your iPhone.