More than halfway to beta

On the heels of our successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the Minuum keyboard project we’ve been a bit quiet, but fear not! We haven’t been in stealth mode; we’ve just been working as hard as possible on the beta version of our one-line touchscreen keyboard (which we’re committed to delivering in June, 2013). Because of overwhelming interest we’ve also started investigating how to bring you Minuum in languages other than English.

Progress on Minuum linear keyboard beta!

Good news: we’re on track to deliver the Minuum keyboard beta to our crowdfunding supporters in June. Our efforts involve the grunt-work of fixing bugs, user-testing some crucial features, and most importantly, making our magical disambiguation algorithms as smart as possible, for the best typing experience from the start.

Staying tuned

If you supported the Minuum keyboard project on Indiegogo, you should be on the lookout for the following:

• E-mails including some important user surveys worth responding to
• News about the Minuum beta release—when and where to get it (likely a Google Play Store download)
• Updates on any other Indiegogo campaign perks you’re expecting

Speaking of perks…

One of the things we’re grateful for is that widespread support from our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign has enabled Whirlscape—creators of the Minuum keyboard project—to bring on new software developers. Since the poetry magnet and t-shirt perks are being shipped to us right now, our new hires will also be rolling up their sleeves with the rest of the Minuum team to package and send those perks on to our supporters from over 60 countries across the globe. Can you say “fulfilment party?”